Monday, May 28, 2012

Unabashed, unadulterated, advertising!


I have 2 new books that are avilable. The first. Conversation with Vii Aboard Papa Being's Big Waters Tour Bus: The Spirituaal Journey of Recovery of a Sexually Abused Child is available through Amazon in both Kindle and print versions. The print cost is $14.95. The Kindle version is $2.99 for now, and if you're a Prime member, it's free for 90 days as a marketing tool.

The second book is Will Henry's Angels, a novel, which is $3.99 through Kindle, and again, free for the next 90 days for Prime members.

I think you'll find them both interesting reads. The first is a work of non-fiction and is co-authored with my friend, Vii Maurice. It traces his recovery from childhood sexual abuse, and is an important work in showing how hope is available for recovery from sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse.

The second is a fun look at some of what haunts U.S. church life, our religious perceptions, spiritual hungers, and life journeys. It's a humorous satire on our culture and what happens when a black velvet painting of Jesus begins crying tears of real blood. It turns the life of the owner, Will Henry, and his little town of Harmong Falls into a state of "disharmony" in their search for answers to life's big questions.

I hope you enjoy the second book, and learn a lot from the first.

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